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- the DAW is the 21st century folk instrument -

Recently returning invigorated from film school at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Boom Town thrived by forming his own live sound company in Isla Vista. He organized and threw college parties with fellow DJs, refining his production craft while enjoying the dense culture theory unpacked in lecture. Now based in Los Angeles, Boom Town continues to churn out a steady diet of electro house and bass music singles. He religiously blocks out time to retreat to his sacred laboratory to write, record and produce and is actively seeking to support vocal talent with his electronic conjurings.

As a nineties baby born in Los Angeles, California, Boom Town was raised in a family who adore the golden oldies. He embraced the drums in the seventh grade and explored rock band performance from middle school through college. His high school television program lured him to videography and editing, where he found a deep seated satisfaction toiling away in the glow of a computer monitor for several hours on end. During his freshman year at Pasadena City College, he experienced an awakening attending the Electric Daisy Carnival music festival at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, 2010, he sensed something fresh, exciting and magical was brewing in dance music and desired to be a part of the burgeoning renaissance emerging in EDM.

Boom Town converged his fascination with drums, editing, video, and technology by teaching himself how to produce electronic music. The percussive, up front in the mix drums and bizarre synthetic textures permeating electronic dance styles solidified his obsession. Transferring to film school proved to be a catalyst for Boom Town. Live sound, party organization, production craft, and culture theory all combined to inspire a desire to relentlessly interweave and develop this nexus of pursuits. Boom Town feasts on thumping, banging, percussive electronic beats engineered for sweaty party, club, rave, or festival deployment and basks in the warm company of a creative hunting party. He currently works closely with DJ^2 (DJ Squared) on original music. 

- "nanos gigantum humeris insidentes" -



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